Pills vs. Creams: Which Is Best For Best Results?

Even in our technically advanced society, the best way to increase the size of your breasts without surgery is through herbal breast enhancement. But which herbal enhancement method works best?

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Product Review for Shapely Bust System

Editor's Choice Breast Enhancement Product
With so many breast enhancement products on the market today, it is little wonder that women who are looking to increase their breast size or enhance their bust find themselves confused about which one to try. Although things like push-up bras may help a little bit, many women seek more permanent and lasting options than that. One highly marketed product today is called Shapely Bust. Shapely Bust is essentially a topical treatment that promises to lift up sagging breasts and make smaller breast more prominent and generally more attractive. The merits of the claims made by Shapely Bust are largely questionable, though; women who are looking for a viable alternative to breast implants will be disappointed with the lackluster results offered by Shapely Bust.

What Is Shapely Bust?

There are many different topical treatments available today that claim to enhance a woman’s breasts; Shapely Bust touts itself as being a unique, double approach to the problem. Shapely Bust consists of a breast firming gel and a collagen building cream, each of which supposedly offers its own exciting benefits for breast enhancement. The collagen building cream offered by Shapely Bust, for instance, is meant to return breasts to their younger, more vibrant state and make them appear larger and more prominent. Shapely Bust’s breast firming gel is designed to reduce the sagging that often goes along with age, keeping breasts more buoyant and uplifted. Used together, these two part of the Shapely Bust program are supposed to provide overall breast enhancement.

Shapely Bust Ingredients

A quick look over the ingredients that go into the two different Shapely Bust products reveals that there simply isn’t much there to prove any significant breast enhancing tendencies. The gel contains chicory root extract, for example, which is typically used as an anti-inflammatory and as an antioxidant; while these are both great characteristics, neither one provides any significant breast enhancing qualities. Shapely Bust gel also contains grape seed extract which is often used to promote younger, healthier looking skin – but doesn’t directly help the gel achieve its stated goal of reducing breast sagging. The Shapely Bust cream also contains grape seed extract, and it also has many other ingredients with no demonstrated benefits – they simply seem to be “filler” and are largely inactive.

Buy Shapely Bust

One of the strangest and most concerning things about Shapely Bust is that there is no published price for ordering it in regular quantities. Women can order a free sample of Shapely Bust and pay approximately eight dollars for shipping and handling – but ordering increased quantities and the price for doing so remain unpublished. This raises many red flags about the quality of Shapely Bust and whether or not it is a legitimately useful product. The manufacturer should willingly put pricing for Shapely Bust prominently on its website, yet it doesn’t. There is no clear way to find out how much this product costs, so women are advised to exercise extreme caution when considering this product.

Does Shapely Bust Work?

Considering how reluctant the manufacturer of Shapely Bust is about advertising pricing for its product, it should come as no surprise that Shapely Bust provides no real benefits in terms of breast enhancement. The formula used in the gel and cream portions of Shapely Bust is mostly made out of inactive, ineffective ingredients that provide no real advantages for making a woman’s breasts larger or less sagging. Compared with many other breast enhancement products, Shapely Bust simply doesn’t stack up and won’t provide any real noticeable results for women who are anxious to make their breasts more attractive.

Shapely Bust Alternative

Instead of wasting your money on Shapely Bust – a product that doesn’t offer any real breast enhancing benefits – you are much better off using a quality product like Perfect Curves. Compared with Shapely Bust, Perfect Curves is an all natural pill supplement that offers many key advantages and has proven benefits and advantages for women who want to improve the overall quality of their breasts. By taking the Perfect Curves supplement, you can quickly and easily attain nicer breasts – and you can enjoy much more noticeable results than you ever could with Shapely Bust.

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