Pills vs. Creams: Which Is Best For Best Results?

Even in our technically advanced society, the best way to increase the size of your breasts without surgery is through herbal breast enhancement. But which herbal enhancement method works best?

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Can Pumps Really Enhance Your Breasts?

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Breast enhancement can be one of the most difficult things women may have to deal with. It seems like practically everyone is doing it, and some people even expect it of a woman. Some believe that larger, shapelier breasts can greatly help a person in many ways, including emotionally and socially — I know this is true for me!! However, there are many mixed messages about the best way for a person to enhance their breasts. If you are looking to naturally enhance your breasts, most agree that a breast enhancement pump is probably not your best bet. Here’s my research on breast enhancement pumps:

What is a breast enhancement pump?

A breast enhancement pump is a small specially designed cup that fits over each breast, made out of latex, rubber, or a similar material. These pumps are made to create suction. If you purchase a breast enhancement pump, you’re told to pump each breast 15 minutes a day, or, based on the manufacturer, sometimes twice a day. Does it hurt? Well from the breast enhancement reviews I’ve read most women experience some discomfort – not pain, but soreness, redness, and even rashes. Ouch!

How do breast enhancement pumps enhance breasts?

Breast enhancement pumps are supposed to work by causing the breasts to swell outwards. According to the manufacturer, as the breasts are pulled outwards by the suction, small vacuums will open up within them. Fluids and fat tissue will fill these vacuums, which causes them to gradually swell.

Other manufacturers also claim that breast enhancement pumps, by pulling forward the surface skin tissue, stimulates the natural growth of the tissue below. The manufacturers claim that this means that breast enhancement pumps give more natural results than any other form of breast enhancement. Across the board, no breast enhancement pump manufacturer can promise lasting results, which mean as soon as your stop using the pump any results gain will fade.

Breast enhancement pump cost

Breast enhancement pumps are definitely not cheap, and some would argue not worth the cost. A quality pump can cost you around $150.00; customized breast enhancement pumps can cost upwards of $300.00. Additionally, if you wish to continue using the breast enhancement pump, then the overall cost increases as new custom molds need to be made.

Most women who have uses breast enhancement pumps find them extremely time consuming and cumbersome. Considering how much money you will spend, plus the time you spend using them (and you must use them continually, or the results will disappear), the total cost is staggering.

Do breast enhancement pumps work?

The question about whether breast enhancement pumps work is a controversial one. Many say that they do. Some say that their breasts, in fact, have grown by one or more cup sizes. However, most agree that the results are not permanent. Within only a few months of discontinued use of a breast enhancement pump, breasts typically will shrink back to the original size.

Conversely, with every cup size that their breast grows, a new customized pump must be made, for the process to be completely effective. Some women have even reported negative reactions to the pump like swollen, misshapen breasts, and yep, rashes.

Bottom-line: breast enhancement pumps are expensive, cumbersome, can be uncomfortable, and don’t provide permanent results. So not worth it!!

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